Mister Tibbs specialise in delivering comedy content to brands and broadcasters.

We’ve got directors who can write, some that shoot, and others who edit and animate.  We’ve done all sorts of jobs in the past from delivering advertising creative to producing TV entertainment. Mister Tibbs esteemed directors have worked with the BBC, Channel 4, Comedy Central, Facebook, Skype, Oxfam, Virgin, MTV, The Guardian, Cadburys, Tescos and many others. So no matter what you need, if it’s funny, we can do it.

Also, not gonna lie right, the number of comedians in Mister Tibbs’ rollerdex is enough to stage his own variety performance.  Should probably look in to that actually.

If you need Mister Tibbs, he’ll be over by the radiator.

Phone: 07813636422

Email: thebigcat@mistertibbs.co.uk

Twitter: @ItsMisterTibbs